An extraordinary general meeting will be held on Sunday, December 23th, 2012 from 7:00 P.M. to 10:00P.M ADDRESS: 11424 Stewart Lane # B2, Silver Spring MD 20904. Contact: 301-768-3298, 240-477-2066 AGENDA: – Collection of different contributions to the Death of the following SAGI Member:  JOHN OROCK (BKCGSAGI001) 1- For those who cannot take part in this meeting, please send us your contributions by Bank deposit before the day of the meeting. CAPITAL ONE BANK. Account Name: ACTIVE SOLIDARITY LTD. Account No: 1360312794 For those who do not have CAPITAL ONE BANK in their states, please kindly make your deposit in this alternative bank account: BANK OF AMERICA. Account Name: KEMAJOU Aline Account No: 003914964116 2- For those who want to make their contributions during the meeting, please be advised that they will be accepted in form of: a. CASH b. CERTIFIED c. MONEY ORDER 3- NOTE: a. Pennies added to each amount are your “Association identification code” and will remain permanent as is from now. Please do not neglect it. b. Make sure you send us by email (info@sagiusa.org) your receipt from deposits ASAP. REMARK. 8 Associations was excluded  last time for DEFAULT CONTRIBUTION for a total amount of $ 4,068.00 ================================================================= Chers […]