Death announcement / Avis de décès

It is with regret that SAGI USA learned and   announces to our entire member Associations the death of the following membership numbers
1-    “CWFESAGI002 – EDNA TUNYI MONJU” of “CHRISTIAN WOMEN FELLOWSHIP – WASHINGTON” on 8/28/2012 at Washington Adventist hospital.




2-   “FRKESAGI013 – DONFACK JEANNE –” of “FOREKE-DSCHANG-USA” .She passed away on 9/12/2012 at SHEIDY GROVE Hospital from an illness.
More information will be giving to you as soon as possible.
SAGI USA joins to “CHRISTIAN WOMEN FELLOWSHIP – WASHINGTON” and  “FOREKE-DSCHANG-USA”   to transmit to their   families and  friends our more sincere condolences.


La SAGI a le regret de vous annoncer les décès des membres ci -apres cités.

– EDNA TUNYI MONJU  Matriucle CWFESAGI002 de l’association “CHRISTIAN WOMEN FELLOWSHIP – WASHINGTON (CWFE); décès survenu a Washington Adventist hospital le 28 Aout 2012 des suites de maladie

– DONFACK JEANNE   Matricuel FRKESAGI013 de l’Association FOREKE-DSCHANG-USA(FRKE); deces survenu le 12 Septembre 2012 a SHEIDY GROVE Hospital des suites de maladie.
La suite vous sera communiquee tres bientot.

Nous adressons nos condoleances aux familles si durement eprouvees.

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